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Whether you manage a website, a newsletter or even a zine, it won't people's interest or have them returning unless you have interesting content.

The content also needs to be current (who wants to read about a great new development to find out it is five years old?), relevant and written in a way that is easy to read and understand.

This is where we can help!

Writer Tash Hughes has the skill of putting information and ideas into simple-to-read articles that can be used in many ways.

Tash has made a number of her articles available for free use on websites and in newsletters. Of course, in return she expects her resource box (including her name and business url) to be included with the articles used.

Articles cover a wide range of topics in the following categories:

  • Starting a business

  • Managing and improving a business

  • Family issues

  • Health topics

  • Technical concepts

  • General information

Some articles are based on research by Tash whilst others are based on life experience. Tash runs her own business and websites, has worked in child care as well as being a Mother, has a science degree and carried out a variety of jobs; she has a wealth of experience to call upon!

Articles are updated in between Tash writing commissioned articles and other projects, so check back every time you think of needing new content and see what Tash has to offer.


Free Australian content for your site and newsletter - you can't get much better than that!






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