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Winter has finished, flowers are popping up, animals are having their young, the air is warmer, grass is growing and everyone seems to feel a bit happier. Yes, it is Spring!

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant . . .
Anne Bradstreet

Spring into the house Spring is in the Air
Enjoying the warmer weather safely A Touch of Spring
Spring into the garden   Spring Games for Children
Spring Bride Spring into Sport!
Spring Racing Carnival

A Spring Fling?

Spring Fashion Week Spring Water
Spring into the house

Fun online and offline activities to get in the spirit!

Spring flowers iconSpring Clean your house and get a revival of energy in return! (source: Word Constructions)
Spring flowers iconSpring is considered the best time of year to sell your house by many people. If you're thinking of selling or buying, this real estate guide could be just the ticket!
Spring flowers icon Save time guide to house interiors may help you add a spring look to your piece of earth.
Spring flowers icon Look after yourself, too - how about a spring clean for YOU?

Enjoying the warmer weather safely 

Spring flowers icon Outdoors safety is an important topics for Australians as we spend so much time outside of our homes. Here are some common activities and ways to stay safe as enjoy them.

Spring flowers icon Safety out and about, whether on a bike or scooter or just walking around the local area, is something we need to teach our children.

Spring flowers icon Spring into Safety! It's great to tidy up the yard and house after winter's pummelling , but please make sure you do it safely.

Spring flowers icon Insect Repellents and children are a common mix during warmer weather.

Spring flowers iconBut which are ones are safest and most effective for our children? Dr Iannelli explains in this article about Spring Time and Children's Health.
(source: pedeatrics.about.com)

Shop online for
Shop online for
Insect Repellents

Spring flowers icon Playground and outdoor safety is an important step in making the most of the beautiful Spring weather.

Spring flowers icon This season's dangers include poisons. Here are some common spring poisons so you can keep them away from children. (source: Queensland Poisons Information Website)

Spring into the garden

Spring flowers icon Save time guide to spring gardening will help you know which plants to feed, move or prune this spring.

Spring flowers icon Don't forget to check tree heights before you plant them, especially if near the house and/or power lines.

Spring flowers icon If pruning high trees, be careful where you place your ladder. And don't prune trees that are overhanging or touching power lines - call your local electricity company for that.

Spring flowers icon Try some Horticultural therapy to brighten either your life or someone else who needs help.

Spring flowers icon Birds are a lovely part of spring, and many people attract them to their homes with feeders and baths. Make it safe for the birds with these tips from the US National Wildlife Federation.

Spring flowers icon Buy some binoculars so you can view the birds and tress near or far. Or keep the kids quiet with an Xtreme Bug Listener (yes, you can listen in on the bug world!)

Butterfly Kit  Watch and learn about butterflies, and even breed your own with the World Alive Butterfly Kit.

What an amazing activity for children and adults alike!

Zen Garden You might also like to relax in the sunshine with a good read...try Zen Gardening from Gifts Australia.

"Like a restorative balm, Zen gardening is an antidote to the stresses of busy modern lifestyles. A Zen garden can create a feeling of space in the smallest of city-centre plots, or impart a sense of order and spirit of tranquillity and calm.

Spring Bride

Spring flowers icon Glowing Beauty tips for Brides to consider

Spring flowers icon Beautiful wedding accessories to set off your day.

Spring flowers icon No matter how busy wedding plans are keeping you, keep some romance alive by spicing up every meal.

Spring flowers icon Easy Weddings is a great place to chat to other brides-to-be for ideas and support

Spring flowers icon Our Wedding Gift Guide has accessories for the bridal party as well as ideas for gifts to bridesmaids and other special people who help make your day wonderful.

Spring flowers icon Our Valentines Day guide may give you some romantic ideas for your wedding, your fiancée's gift or even the wedding itself.

Spring flowers icon Save time Guide to Relationships may give you ideas to keep things happy as you plan your big day



Spring Racing Carnival

Spring flowers icon The Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne is a hive of fashion and horses throughout the city.


Spring Fashion Week  

Spring flowers icon Beauty of Spring


Spring is in the Air  

Spring flowers icon Asthmatics can cope with spring with a bit of common sense and thought. For more information on asthma all year round, check out this introductory article.

Spring flowers icon Allergy Free aims to improve the quality of life of people suffering from allergies, intolerances and chemical sensitivities

Spring flowers icon Allergies and children - do you know the difference between sneezes caused by a cold or an allergy? (source: Paedeatrics.about.com)

Spring flowers icon Allergy directory lists a number of websites with information about all sorts of allergies. Note: the directory is US based so not many included sites are Australian, but most information is still relevant. (source: diseasedirectory.net)

Spring flowers icon The Allergy library has some great explanations of the basics about allergies - what they are and how to recognise you are allergic. (source: my DNA.com)


A Touch of Spring

Spring flowers icon If you are after a touch of spring inside your house, you can't go past a beautiful bunch or arrangement of flowers ...

  Teleflora - Australia's Premier Florist Network  EASYFLOWERS 

Spring flowers icon Add some rechargeable Triple Ball Mood Lights for atmosphere in the evenings. 
Spring flowers icon
Display a beautiful Frangipani Bouquet (Karen Foley) to your room without moving to the tropics!


Spring Games for Children

Spring flowers icon Catch the frog game is simple fun as Billy Bear tries to catch some frogs and avoid the bugs! Suitable for early to mid primary children.

Spring flowers icon Clean up the park is fun and teaches some good principles at the same time! Suitable for quite young children with basic mouse skills.

Spring flowers icon Spring variants of some well known games means lots of seasonal fun!

Spring flowers icon Bunny Count is a fun way to practise counting. For beginning counters.

Spring flowers icon Dare to be Square teaches strategy and thinking ahead by trying to make more squares than your chosen opponent. Suitable to mid to late primary.

Spring flowers icon Buy a kite (easily when you shop online) for the kids - and watch their eyes pop as it arrives in the mail! A fun afternoon indeed!

Spring flowers icon Try an Oball out in the garden - an oball is so easy to catch the whole family can enjoy this outdoor play together.


Spring into Sport!

Spring flowers icon Learn about children and sport safety to avoid any injuries and accidents.

Spring flowers icon Save time guide to sport has heaps of information about sports and games across Australia.

Spring flowers icon Magnetic therapy can bring pain relief during the day, or even while you sleep!


A Spring Fling?

Spring flowers icon Singles Who Click is Australia's only 100% FREE online match making service.

Spring flowers icon Blink Speed Dating  - Date 10+ singles in one night over drinks and canapes at a stylish inner-city bar near you! Blink Speed Dating is the fastest and most fun way to meet singles!

Spring flowers icon Romance 4 Millionaires is an international, exclusive, personal dating service where affluent and successful men and women meet compatible partners in a discreet and confidential manner.

Spring flowers icon RSVP now for a date that could just change your life. And, believe it or not, registration on this dating site is free!

Spring flowers iconIf you’re easily bored and you’d like to get out more,
Get A Life is full of interesting things to do ... have fun this spring!

Spring flowers icon More an Online Party than just Dating - Meet and Party is a relaxed, professional way to meet some great people.

Spring flowers iconWant some romance but finding it hard on a budget? Why not add some romance to an ordinary meal?


Spring Water (isn't spring the best time for spring water?)

Spring flowers icon Mount Franklin Water offers natural spring water on tap for your enjoyment all year round. Compare it to filtered water, and you'll be impressed! And visit the Well of Positivity for a minute or two - it helps you feel good and if you add a message, they'll donate $1 to breast cancer research.

Spring flowers icon Do you want to maximize de-oxidizing your body? But normal people could not take 2Kg of Anti-oxidant food everyday. How can we maximize it? Our suggestion is taking Alkaline Ionized Water more than 2 litres everyday. It is the best methodology to de-oxidizing your body in short time.  



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