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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Atria Books/Beyond Words, New York, 2006

With all the buzz about The Secret DVD and book, I already had an idea of what The Secret would be about. I knew it was about being positive and using the mind to create our own lives. I figured that reading the book would at least make me positive for a day or two so I couldnít lose.

As it turned out, I found the book was easy to read in small sections so information could be digested. This means that you can work through it at your own pace, implementing anything of interest from page one rather than having to read most of the book before feeling any benefits.

The information in The Secret isnít really new Ė the law of attraction, positive thinking and avoiding the negative are well known concepts. What is different is that Byrne has pulled these ideas together, presented them as a single, simple process.

Unlike many self-help books, The Secret focuses on the future and you donít need to think about how the past has affected you or work hard to make changes. Simply swap some of your thinking patterns and feel a change in your life.

So does it work? Many people around the world swear that The Secret has changed their lives, and I believe it possible. Having read The Secret, I am feeling richer, healthier and, more importantly, MUCH happier


Tash Hughes is a Mum of three in Melbourne. She is also a writer and owner of Word Constructions. Tash is available to write articles and profiles for any business, as well as doing other business documentation projects. You can see her site and services at www.wordconstructions.com.au





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