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Welcome to the June Save Time Online Newsletter - we hope it finds you healthy and enjoying life!

When's the last time you tidied your favourites files? If you're like lots of other people, you add many pages to your favourites - because they are sites you visit often, sites you want to go back and visit or sites that are useful resources for an upcoming project. And then the favourites file gets so big it actually takes you longer to find the site you want than if you just typed in the URL or used something like Save Time Online.

By going through your favorites folder every three or so months, you keep it a manageable size and can save yourself a lot of time and hassle. You can also set up folders and rearrange the links by going to 'organize favourites' in the favourites  menu.

With men's health week coming up, this is a good time to think about your prostate health, get some water therapy, saving some parenting time and taking some breaks to keep yourself going. Stay healthy!

June 2007

After your wedding




my.organiser Competition
Competition closes 30th June 2007

my.organiser CompetitionIs your fridge and kitchen table covered in bills, invitations, school notes, to-do-lists and sports draws? Are you juggling kids' schedules and everyday life on top of "What's for dinner?"

My.organiser is an essential new product for the busy mother, an all-in-one organiser created for mums by mums. 

To enter, tell us (find the answer from the my.organiser website)
How many mums created the my.organsier?

Email your answer to competition@save time online.com.au


Prize consists of two my.organisers valued at $49.95 each. The prize will be posted to the lucky winners and winners announced in our newsletter and on our website.

Lifelong Memories Competition
Competition closes 30th June 2007.

Lifelong Memories Competition

Lifelong Memories specialises in baby 'Hand and Feet Sculptures' and treasured keepsakes. Offering a wide range of items to help celebrate and remember life's special occasions. The keepsake products can help you to create a timeless heirloom that can be passed down through generations.

To enter (find the answer from the Lifelong Memories website)
Name one item that can purchased on our online store?

E-mail your answer to competition@save time online.com.au


Two prizes consisting of one DIY Casting Kit with frame (in pink or blue) valued at $50. They will be posted to the lucky winners on completion of the competition and winners announced in our newsletter and on our website.

TieWorld Competition
Competition closes 30th June 2007.

TieWorld Competition
TieWorld offers a huge range of premium silk woven ties, cuff links and gifts for him at affordable prices. Our modern stylish ties are guaranteed to turn heads whether it's for your wedding, boardroom or a hot date.   

 *Join as a member for free and receive a $5.00 discount off your first order!
 *Free shipping anywhere in Australia
 *Monthly competitions for all TieWorld members

To enter, tell us (find the answer from the TieWorld website)
How many ties are featured on page 4 of the Stripe category?

Email your answer to
competition@save time online.com.au


Prize is valued at over $120 and is for 'five assorted silk woven ties' in the pictured styles only. The prize will be posted to the lucky winner and winners announced in our newsletter and on our website.

Note: Save Time Online Competition Terms are available here. This competition will be open for two months. Winner drawn 10th July and announced in the July newsletter.

Baby Blankie Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winner of the extra large, 100% cotton Nursery Rhyme blanket from
Baby Blankie Express!

Natasha J of Paradise, SA

We hope you enjoy your prize. Remember Baby Blankies Express personalises blankets and make perfect gifts for newborns through to toddlers!













Corticosteroids are a group of powerful drugs that are based on human hormones.

Corticosteroids are steroids, along with various other drugs and naturally occurring hormones. They are manufactured based on the hormone cortisol. Read more...

Promotional items for your business
For anybody spending a lot of time sitting at a computer desk, it is important to make sure the good positioning is achieved.

Having a sore back, eye strain, RSI and other conditions are not only painful and frustrating, they are avoidable if you take care and follow some simple procedures. Read more...

Book Review

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

With all the buzz about The Secret DVD and book, we thought it was worth a read and a review for you. It was easy to read and has made an impact on many people.

Read our review here.



New Listings


The Health Store

Natural Therapy Clinic

The Feng Shui Shop

Australian herbs & spices

Get Fit

Lifetime Health

Australian Debt Reduction


Live-it-up Budget Planning

Plant World


SkinB5 Acne Relief

OPSM Direct

Kitchen discounts

Bank on property

Loan Management Centre 

(NEW LISTING) Natural Form

because we care about you, your family and the world you live in.

Natural Form gives you options with what you use to care for your family’s skin, clean your house and clothes, and repel pests.

Blair Lifestyle Management

(NEW LISTING)  Blair Lifestyle Management

Add Simplicity, Quality and Luxury to Your Life!

Blair Lifestyle Management provide dedicated Lifestyle Managers to help you take care of the everyday tasks and errands that consume so much of your precious time. Whether you need help de-clutter your home, setting up admin systems or picking up a gift for your sister, our team can assist.

Garden Express

(NEW LISTING)  Garden Express
With about 2,000 flowering bulbs, perennials, roses, trees, other landscaping plants, tools and accessories you can order with the convenience of home delivery and confidence in our 100% guarantee - just one of the 12 great reasons to buy from Garden Express...

(NEW LISTING) Quilt Fabric Delights

Quilt Fabric Delights is an online store selling a beautiful and unique range of quilt fabrics suitable not only for quilting but also for children’s clothing (but not sleepwear), bag making, home décor and many other crafts limited only by your imagination.





 Seasonal Timely


11th June Queens Birthday Holiday (not WA)
11th  - 17th June International Men's Health Week
12th June National Premmie Day
14th June World Blood Donor Day
18th - 22nd Drug Action Week
20th June World Refugee Day
29th June Crazy Hair Day (for cystic fibrosis)
29th June Red Nose Day (for SIDS)
2nd - 8th July Lavender for Leukemia



Best Deals Online

 Brighterlife Wheatfree

100% free of wheat, soya, casein, egg, gluten, corn, salicylates & amines. 

Let us introduce you to a "Brighterlife" with the Sunsational Allergy Friendly Product Range.  

The premix blends in this unique range are suitable for those suffering from minor food intolerances to multiple food and chemical allergies.

View the range online, and find easy recipes, products and information to assist you into a
wheat free world of healthy eating.








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