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Welcome to the July Save Time Online Newsletter! And a new financial year - may it be a successful one for everyone.

It's winter, school holidays are around (depending on which state, you could be finishing or starting them!) and swine flu is still taking it's tool, so we have a theme of books this month - including a great book pack prize.

If you've been reading our blog, you'd know we both attended a great conference in June where we gave away two feature listings as door prizes. As soon as the lucky winners get their pages organised, we'll let you know where they are. We hope it's a great prize for both those business owners and we welcome them and others from the conference to our newsletter.

Our saving time tip this month is to combine your tasks with connecting with people. We all tend to get so busy doing things we have less time to connect with people, and this is why we try to help you save time (by giving you information in one place to save you going to 20 sites to find what you need.) We don't want you to stress yourself with lots of multi-tasking, but why not see how you can connect with people as you get through your to do list. For instance, you need to exercise so why not walk or ride a bike with some friends or family? You need to do some filing - why not involve the kids (they can file as you sort or help you sort if older) or get a friend to visit or be on the phone as you file. Make  cooking, as well as eating, a social time; travel to work with someone or start a conversation in the train; read and join in on book reviews in blogs when looking for  anew book or a gift idea.

Take care of yourself and have a great month,

Tash & Ally

July 2009

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Black Saturday Fires - the effect goes on

The VFF Fencing program desperately needs volunteers to help fix the final miles of fencing left after the devastation of Black Saturday. The Program ends on September 1 2009. Please call 1300 882 833 as soon as possible to register your support.

Bushfire Emergency Appeals










  Book Reviews from Save Time Online

Eyes in the Dark cover

Encouraging children to love books

Books can be so many things - they can teach us facts, they can take us away from the everyday, they can expand our minds, they can give us much needed peace, they help us understand other people, they help us achieve and learn, they inspire us, they move and warm us, and they add a richness to life you just can't find elsewhere.

With so much technology surrounding us, it is easy to see that many children need to be encouraged to read and to cherish books as an alternative to constantly being bombarded by electronics. If you are struggling with a reluctant reader, or even just to keep the interest of a book friendly child, you can encourage them to read instead of arguing and trying to force them to read.

Read some tips on how to encourage reading

One key to getting youngsters (and older people for that matter) is to make available books that will interest them. Sounds obvious, but we don't always put it into practice. You may have loved the Secret Seven as a child, but if your child loves footy maybe Specky Mageee is a better book series to offer, or perhaps books of short stories will suit your child better.

If you do find a book style they  like, get more of it! Suzie of Suz's Space provided a link to a great site that suggests authors who write a similar book to your favourite - what a great way to expand your reading options!

Book review

Eyes in the Dark by Kim Dale
Thomas C Lothian, 2001, Australia

From Kim Dale, another stunning lift-the-flap book introducing children to Australia's nocturnal animals in a delightful guessing game. Some of the eyes that stare out of the dark are endangered, making the book educational as well as fun. Detailed fauna facts for parents and teachers are also included.

A perfect treat for school holidays.

Read our review here

  Best Deals Online

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22 - 28 Children's Book Week ~ Book Safari


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Competitions to enter

Suz's spaceWin a chapter book pack for children (aimed at pre-teen to early teen readers) wrapped in a cushion cover or two. To enter, simply visits Suz's Space and find out how many book categories Suzie offers. Let us know your answer and wait for the announcement of a winner in our August newsletter.

Save Time Online Competition Terms are available here. This competition will be open for one month. Winner drawn 9th Aug and announced in the following newsletter.

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