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Welcome to the December
Save Time Online Newsletter!

With the end of exams for students, Christmas and Hanukah  preparations, the end of year and the start of summer holidays, December is often an extremely busy time of year. The perfect time to save time anyway you can, including by doing errands online whenever possible.

Most importantly, make sure you care for yourself this month - take some breaks (a holiday would be a great plan!), listen to music (carols or otherwise!), share some old memories, enjoy your hobby, read a book or do some sport.

We have just introduced a survey about shopping and the environment, and we'd love your input. Click Here to take part in the survey and share your opinions. We will share the results in upcoming newsletters and will prepare an article on how environmental protection affects our shopping habits.

Have a wonderful holiday season, stay healthy and share a lot of laughter with people you care about.

Tash & Ally

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December 2007

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 Best Deals Online

Start some online Christmas Shopping with these amazing deals!

Large Christmas Ballotin


A large Christmas Ballotin from Definitely Chocolates is a treat for any choc-oholic!

Enjoy truffles and chocolates with fillings such as Champagne, Grand Mariner and peppermint. Yummy :)

A starry night wine gift


A Starry Night gift pack from Wine Makers Choice includes a Palandri Sauv Blanc, macadamia shortbread, bush tomato chutney, praline bar and garlic nibbles in a wicker basket.

Sweet, savoury and wine - perfect for a picnic or a relaxed evening at home.

  This we could receive 20 times and still not have enough of!

Two bottles of rich chocolate sauce, chocolate baubles and 4 Christmas puddings - and for under $30! Nice!

Who do you love enough to give a Christmas Block to?

Timber-riffic Cubic Farm puzzle  

Timber-riffic has some gorgeous toys for kids of all ages. This cubic farm puzzle forms a barn when he child puts together the animal blocks.

Cute, fun and educational - makes a great present for the two and three year olds.


Get fit and fantastic for Summer!

  Pilates Yoga


10 Minute Core Strength is a modern approach to pilates and yoga and includes a series of carefully designed exercise and stretches that gradually build your core muscles one step at a time.

Buy a set of 3 DVDs and save 25% - bargain!









The Value of personalised gifts

When we give a gift, we want to make the other person feel happy and valued. Often we want to give something that will be a lasting symbol of our care for that person. Yet with the amount of stuff our friends and family have, it isn’t easy to find a gift that they’ll enjoy and that is still different or even unique.

One way to give a gift of difference is to choose a personalised gift. That is, having the person’s name or image somehow incorporated onto the gift.

Read more here

Wrapping gifts

If you have ever seen young children with a gift, you will know that it is not only the gift that receives attention and is appreciated – the wrapping and presentation can also be part of the experience.

We share some fun ideas to make your gifts festive and individual this Christmas.

Maximising rainwater

Australia is one of the driest places on Earth and yet we are one of the highest per capita users of water. With the drought, more people are becoming conscious of the water we use and waster, and trying to find ways to use less water without changing our lifestyles very much. Find some answers here


New Listings


Australian Jade
Exclusive green & black Jade Jewellery at affordable prices

Australian Opal Cutters
a wide range of wholesale opals and opal jewellery

Snapfish by HP
HP`s leading online photo service

Cell Bikes
Great prices on road, mountain, hybrid and kids bikes. Large range of components, clothing and accessories.

The power to personalise your mobile phone

Beauty Shop New Zealand
Your one-stop shop for your beauty requirements

Zodee Fashions
the ultimate comfort to your body

Fit Quip
Quality fitness products at great prices

EasyStop Smoking
Understand the myths and illusions about stopping smoking for good

Gear Mart
Online marketplace of outdoor products for outdoor enthusiasts

4x4 Store Australia
Online retailer of 4WD accessories and parts





 Seasonal Timely


10 December International Human Rights Day
11 December International Mountain Day
18 December International Migrants Day
25 December Christmas Day
1 January New Years Day
10 January Hijrah or Muharram (Islamic New Year)
20 January World Religion Day

2008 will be the year of:

Share your opinions on how the environment affects shopping and how green your business is.



Benjibox competition

One very lucky winner will receive 10 (yes, 10!) benjiboxes to organise their shoes. Whata  great start to 2008!

To enter (find the answer from Benji Boxes website), just name 2 other products benjibox.com.au sells. Click here to enter.

This fantastic prize is valued at $99.50. The lucky winner will be notified on how to claim this prize on completion of the competition and winner announced in our newsletter and on our website.
Save Time Online Competition Terms are available here. This competition will be open for two months. Winner drawn 9th February and announced in the February newsletter.

Love Santa Competition

Love Santa personalised letters prizeImagine the delight on a child's face when they receive a letter from Santa Claus!
And not just any letter, but a letter that is personally addressed to each child, talks about hot Christmas and that includes information relevant to that Child as well!

The winner of three personalised Santa letters is Georgia R

Amber Bebe Competition

Amber Bebe logo Every breastfeeding mum has forgotten which side she's up to - but now it's easy to remember with an amber breastfeeding bracelet! This bracelet is made from 20 Amber beads and is 20cm in total length or 7cm in diameter and are joined with stretch synthetic elastic, so switching from one wrist to the other couldn't be easier.


The winner of the Amber Bebe bracelet is Jill H.

MySecretSound.com - Guess the Secret Sound & WIN Instantly!

 Guess the Secret Sound to win cash! Unique new website offers up to $10,000 if you can guess what the mystery sound is. Listen now for a chance to win. Free to join, free to listen - CLICK HERE  to listen now!

Win A Yaris YR simply by organising an insurance policy before 21 December. Just imagine getting that phone call on New Year's Day!!

So if you're looking for insurance, now is the time to check out 1 cover!

Click here for details and to enter.


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