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Golf Balls .com.au

Golf Balls Australia aim to provide the ideal way to buy your golf balls.

Whether you’re a serious golfer who likes to play with a specific model of ball, or your aim is to reduce the damage to your wallet while learning to hit the ball over the water hazards, we have the solution for you.

We sell new balls as well as several grades of used balls, most of which are sold in one dozen packs of like make and model.

Our 1st quality used balls make an excellent alternative to buying new balls. We currently source our used golf balls from Australia. The balls are recovered predominantly from water hazards. The top quality balls we sell have often only been hit once or twice. They are cleaned, sorted and packed to provide you with the equivalent of a near new dozen. You can save lots of money buying near new golf balls and experience the same look, feel and performance.

Instead of making that trip to the discount golf store, allow us to deliver your balls conveniently to your doorstep - saving you time and effort. We use either a fast courier service (wherever possible), or Australia Post to get the balls to wherever it suits you best. Our flat rate delivery charge of $6.60 (or $8.75 for PO boxes) is very competitive.

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