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Fish Finder Maps

Far cheaper than aerial photography, this amazing product contains two satellite images of Australia and ER Viewer software, displaying ground features in photograph-like perspective.

Fishermen, hunters, prospectors, water borers, bushwalkers and others will find practical uses for this disk.

The two 25-metres-equals-one-pixel images of Australia are in natural colour and water-highlighting colours, making small billabongs and creeks easy to see. Vehicle tracks through the bush can be seen, as well as shallow reefs, sandbars and weedbeds.

While the image is not 3D, mountain ranges, watersheds, hills and rocky outcrops can easily be recognised. The software allows users to quickly zoom in and out.

This DVD is supplied in non-Lat-Long (undistorted) format, which means you can accurately measure distances between features. Users can save and print parts of the satellite images.

Until recently, the cost of acquiring single satellite images of small parts of the Australian continent was hundreds of dollars. Now it is available for everyone on this DVD.

The software requires a computer with Windows 98 or later, at least 32meg of RAM and a DVD drive. The software is loaded on your computer, but the images stay on the DVD, unless you have the 4.4 gigabytes of space required to load the two images on your hard disk.






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