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The interior of our homes are probably a greater statement of who we are than the outside, especially if we're renting or new to a home. Making the interior of your house feel like your home doesn't have to be expensive or require any specific knowledge; it just needs a few touches that mean something to you.

You can select wall colours and carpets, you can hang one treasured photo or make a photo gallery, you can add cushions or have a minimalist look - whatever suits your taste, lifestyle and budget. And you can always adjust  and change things over time. Try some of the following links and resources for inspiration for your home.

Renovating Interiors

Home and Garden Showcase is a directory of products, services and trad
Colour, can it make us sick? Discusses the impacts of paint on our health and well being.  

Interior Design

Carpet Buying Guide Carpets are expensive, long term furnishings. Most of us don't know much about carpet quality or which carpets are easiest to care for, so do some homework before you make that purchase...(source: homebuilder.com.au)
Kitchen Design (source: homebuilder.com.au)
Touch Interiors
Smart Steps for simple carpet care (source: Did you know?)

Interior Decorations can be seasonal, too - have some fun and change your look a few times a year!

Creating an atmosphere

This is where you'll find some great ideas for professionally learning about interior design, running your own business and designing and decorating your own home.  

Arcdeco Architecture in Colour is all about providing colour and design consultant services for a variety of building projects. Colour selection is not made on a whim or to necessarily follow any particular trend, but is based on a number of factors, such as lifestyle, scale, context, lighting and, of course, the psychological effects of colour.

Art Prints & Posters: PictureStore

Window Covering Solutions online..

Designed Blinds Australia
Victory Curtains and Blinds

Lusso Fashion for Windows
Silent Gliss Australia
Cedar Shutters Wholesale
Window furnishings (source: homebuilder.com.au) 

Art Suppliers and Artists


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