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General Information

Cool the globe offers information , links and resources for reducing the greenhouse effect across Australia. It includes a database for car pooling, a register of Lights Off participants and a free climate change action kit.

The Australian Environment Directory is a comprehensive guide to environmental technologies, products and services available from companies operating in Australia.

The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is an environmental organisation promoting sustainable technology and representing community issues.

The Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society (ANZSES) is empowering our future by the environmentally responsible and sustainable use of renewable energies.

AusWEA is the Australian Wind Energy Association; a non-profit organization aiming to represent the Australian Wind Energy Community and promote the sensitive and appropriate uptake of wind energy.

The Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) represents the interests of the renewable energy, cogeneration, gas-fired generation, waste-to-energy and energy efficiency industry.

The Australian Greenhouse Office is the world's first government agency dedicated to cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The Australian Institute of Energy aims to promote understanding and awareness of energy issues and the development of responsible energy policies in Australia.

Scope mobile phone recycling prevents all those old mobile phones from clogging up our landfills and leaking heavy metals into the environment. It costs you nothing, saves the environment and helps disabled people live with dignity - so why not give them your old phones?

The Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria (SEAV) is following many projects to conserve energy across Victoria. Their site reports on these projects and gives advice on saving energy in the home.

The Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) is delivering greenhouse gas reductions, environmental, economic and social benefits to the NSW community by accelerating the transition to sustainable production and use of energy.

The Organic House provides a lot of information about making your house and life healthy and organic. Their shop also sells organic products for your home.

Environmental Yellow Pages is a directory of companies that can help in construction that are also environmentally responsible.

SAVE TIME GUIDE: Energy Efficient House design and maintenance

Saving Water

NOTE: As of 1 March 2005, Victoria has new permanent water regulations in place instead of water restrictions.

The Precious Water blog has tips, information and observations about water harvesting and conservation.

Save Water is Australia's leading source of information on conserving our most precious resource.

Home Water Investigator is award winning interactive tool to build your own virtual homes, calculate your family's water use, and understand how water is used in the home and what happens to it afterwards.

State Water authorities include conservation tips on their sites: NSW, Vic, ACT, NT, SA, WA, Tas and Qld. They also list an restrictions in place within their state.

How to save water and be water wise lists some practical ways to save water in your home.

Call for a national bid to save water discusses why we should be treating this precious resource with more respect in Australia.

How to save water in your garden shows how you can have a beautiful garden whilst not wasting water.

Waterfuture covers topics such as how to save water at home and in business, water restrictions (in the Gold Coast area) and educational resources for children and schools.

Save Water, save energy, save money! has facts and tips on saving water presented in a fun way to teach the children about this crucial Australian issue. (source: kids media)

Saving Power

Energy Australia - Energy Tips gives tips for five different areas so you can save power (electricity) and money

Smart Ways to save includes a calculator to figure out how much power you use - and how to use less.

Save money and power gives tips on saving energy at home as well as information on energy saving devices and ratings. (source: Ergon Energy)



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