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There are some health issues that relate specifically to women so we have listed these in one place rather than throughout the general health information.

General Links

Community Infonet - Queensland Department of Families, Youth and Community Care provides the latest information on Adoptions, Child care, Child protection, community care and youth justice and lots more. 

Women's Health Queensland Wide Women's Health Queensland Wide is a non-profit health information and education centre, funded by Queensland Health and the Federal Government. You may ask health questions here or check out events held throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area.

Women's Health Statewide - SA Women's Health Statewide is staffed by administrative workers, bi-cultural and bi-lingual workers, community health nurses, doctors, project workers and social workers. They strive to be informed and are committed to listening to women and to taking their concerns seriously. You’ll find their strategic plan, calendar, organisational chart and much more on this site.

Australian Women's Health Network

She Said
- Body and Soul, Sex Life, Relationships, and Eat and Drink.

Health Insite
Browse the site to find information women's health issues such as menopause, osteoporosis, pregnancy, sexual health, breastfeeding and breast diseases, and gynaecological problems.

Australian Government:
Health and Ageing

MyDr Women's Health Centre The myDr team has created a comprehensive Women's Health Centre just for you!

Women's Health Australia

Pregnancy and Baby

See our pregnancy guide


Health Matters: Menopause (Abc.net.au)
The Jean Hailes Foundation
Combined Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cancer - NSW Cancer Council
About Menopause
Menstruation Yoga and Menopause
Menopause Web reference
Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Center for informational articles regarding menopause, in-depth analysis of treatment options, and researched methods of effectively dealing with menopause.

Breast Cancer

Early breast cancer is much easier to treat and has a higher success rate. Learn more from Breast Health.

Breast Cancer gives you an overview of this disease that affects 1 in 11 Australian women. (source http://www.disability.vic.gov.au)

Breast Cancer Network Australia educates and empowers women dealing with breast cancer.

Breast Health is an important step in catching breast cancer early, and in everyday comfort, too. 
(source: http://www.jeanhailes.org.au)


Types of Arthritis (source http://www.disability.vic.gov.au)


What is endometriosis? Explains not only what causes this painful disease, but also who gets it and how it is treated. (source: http://www.womhealth.org.au)

Endometriosis Association of Victoria is a self help organisation which provides support and information for women with endometriosis.

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer takes a long time to develop so there is a good chance of dealing with it safely if you remain informed. This article explains the basics of cervical cancer. (source: http://www.disability.vic.gov.au)

Cervical Cancer – the facts lists things you need to know, as well as reminding us to ‘not make excuses, make an appointment’ and get the screening done. (source: http://www.cervicalscreen.health.gov.au)

Cervical Cancer treatment and management is outlined in this article.


Osteoporosis means 'bones with holes' - bones become less dense, lose strength and break more easily due to calcium loss. Learn more about what this means and how you can reduce your risk of getting it.
(source http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au)

Osteoporosis Australia works to spread information about this disease to help the patients and, more importantly, reduce the number of new cases in Australia.

A detailed
understanding of osteoporosis is available from Dr Gillian  McConnell.

Breast Feeding

Australian Breastfeeding Association