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Following is a list of articles and resources to help your health and fitness. Most links are to third party websites and will open in a new window.

Healthy Environments

Healthy Dwelling is an Australian site that introduces you to a full range of information, products and services that will help you create and maintain a Healthy Dwelling.

Hydra-Clean provides anti- allergy cleaning services for homes and businesses. The online shop has anti allergy products, anti-dust mite products and indoor air quality improvement ideas.

Chemical Awareness in Schools is a national community forum on toxic chemicals and children's health in Australia.

The Healthy House Institute provides a list of articles about having a health house to live in. Note that many other resources on this site are localised for the USA. (source: The Healthy House Institute)

Tri Nature  Environmentally responsible products for natural cleaning and personal care. Monthly specials.


Healthy Lifestyles

10,000 steps encourages you to walk at least 10,000 steps a day for health and exercise.

The 30 Second Secret to Blasting Your Energy Level To The Roof In The Morning gives tips on making the most of your day.

How To Free Yourself Of Any Disease, Stop Fatigue, and Create Unstoppable Energy In Your Life

Designer Sunglasses are they worth the extra money? Are they as good as each other? If you want to know how to get yourself great sunglasses that actually protect your eyes, the article son this site will head you in the right direction.

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30 Quick Breaks

In our busy lives, it is easy to get distracted and forget to take time for ourselves. There’s always one more phone call or email to make or ‘not much longer’ to finish something off.

Trying to fit in a half day of fun may seem impossible, but a number of short breaks throughout the day and week will keep you refreshed. And make life more enjoyable, too! Read full article.


Did you know that you can decrease your risk of mental impairment by 20% just by walking regularly? And be mentally three younger at the same time?

Activity is important for everyone, regardless of age, and there are many benefits to living an active life.

Read full article.

Get the most from walking

Walking is great exercise for anyone and everyone. It is cheap and easy to do and has a lot of benefits for your mind and body.

But how do you get the most out of your walking program?

Read full article


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