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The Health Store

The Health Store is pleased to offer you an extensive range of New Zealand Natural Health products.

New Zealand has a reputation for a clean green environment and many of the ingredients in these products are produced in this environment. The Health Store team is dedicated to ensuring that what you put on or into your body is good for your body.

The Health Store's health care products are divided into three main departments. You can search for a product by Health Care Brand, Health Product Type or Medical Symptoms .

They also offer a Health Information section which provides additional information to that shown with the product listing.

Their Gift Certificates are also popular for birthday gifts, Christmas Gifts or any other special occasions or general Gifts.

Carbon Neutral
The Health Store has applied for Carbon Neutral status. This means that any carbon created in delivering orders to customers is offset with the purchase of carbon credits. Being a Carbon Neutral Company means that both customers and The Health Store are helping to protect the world environment.

And to make it really easy, this site is available in six languages and twelve currencies! And some products have free delivery to anywhere in the world!


Health Store

The Health Store- 5 day detox program

Echinacea from The Helth Store

The Health Store- allergy relief and information


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