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The Internet can be useful tool for keeping healthy and finding answers to health problems. It can't replace professional medical advice, but it can certainly support it.

Following is a list of articles and resources to help your health and fitness.

The ten golden rules of health insurance
(source: Private Health Insurance Ombudsman on-line)

Public Health Association of Australia
provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information on public health. The Association is also involved in advocacy for public health policy, development, research and training.

Australian Doctor
the online version of the newsletter issued to doctors across Australia to keep them up-to-date with clinical and political issues and news events.

helps you to find, understand and use information about medicines. Medimate encourages you to do this in partnership with your doctor, pharmacist and other health professionals.  

Medical Auction and Classifieds - Australia's only dedicated web-auction for medical equipment / supplies (new and second hand)

Better Health
provides reliable health health information and services - quality assured by the Victorian (Australian) Government.

Health Insite
an initiative from the Australian Department of Health and Aging providing easy access to quality information about human health.
(source Health Insite)

Healthy Vibe
advice on how to live a healthy life plus providing information on who to call when you need help.

Healthy Living 
provides everyday solutions for a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle.

Longevity game
is a fun way of looking at how you can make your life healthier and potentially prolong it. The results are calculated on screen so you do not send private details to anyone else.

The Healthy House Institute
provides a list of articles about having a health house to live in. Note that many other resources on this site are localised for the USA.
(source: The Healthy House Institute)

Healthy Lifestyle and balance information available at Active for Life

Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quakery, and Intelligent Decisions, the Quackwatch! Newsletter updates available for free.

Northern and Far Western Regional Health Service - SA
Advisory and support groups as well as information sessions and workshops are listed on this site.

Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
seeks to provide better health and healthier ageing for all Australians through a world-class health system.

Specific Issues

Cardiologist based information about keeping your heart healthy and dealing with heart disease is found at Heart Centre Online.

Common Oral Conditions explains about tooth plaque, cavities and sensitive teeth (source: Aqua Fresh)

Megabite - "An In Your Face Journey" is a health education CD ROM aimed at students in years 7 to 11 (source Australian Dental Association)

Lung Health Promotion Centre
is committed to providing accessible, evidence-based, holistic education and support for health professionals of all disciplines, enabling them to assist people with respiratory conditions to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Sitting on an Exercise Ball is very good for your posture and spinal health, and they can be as a computer chair as well as for exercise! (source Body Trends)


for people with a disability, it provides social interaction, personal growth and opportunity. We integrate programs that incorporate sport and social activities, enterprise and community awareness in tandem with accommodation, respite and tenancy assistance.

Disability Online
is a resource centre for people with a range of disabilities, including health articles, events and a service directory.