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Dealing with Death and Grief

Whilst most of us don't like talking or thinking about death, it is something that affects us all at some time. We offer the following resources to help you deal with the loss of someone you care about, both emotionally and practically.

Grief and Mourning

What happens when you die is a book designed to explain death and funerals to primary aged children. It is non-denominational and honest.

ARTICLE BANK: Talking to Children about Death
Talking to children about death isnít an easy topic to raise, but it is easier to do it now than when you have to deal with grief at the same time. Read more

is a resource on death-related grief for the community and professionals. NB some specifics relate to SA only.

Reach Out!
is a web-based service that inspires young people to help themselves through tough times. it includes fact sheets about dealing with the death and even suicide of someone you know.

Loss of a child

Grief reactions to a miscarriage
explains some of the causes and the emotions involved with a miscarriage.

Death of a baby 
briefly outlines the impact of losing a baby and suggest some coping strategies for parents.

Miscarriage support and information resources provides links to numerous information sources suggested by parents previously dealing with the death of a child.

Silent Grief
offers hope for the grieving heart of parents after miscarriage, still birth and later child loss. This site is Christian based.

Baby Loss support
from conception to two years. Offers grief tips and a support group for parents in WA.

Coping with the death of a child
outlines the stages of grief and some simple ways to make it bearable.

Coping Resources
is a series of articles about dealing with the death of a child you loved, including an article on helping other children cope.

For Mothers
Various articles to help Mothers understand and cope with the grief process after their child's death (UK site)

For Fathers
Various articles to help Fathers understand and cope with the grief process after their child's death (UK site)

For Friends and Relatives
Some dos and don'ts to help you deal with parents after their child dies.

For Grandparents
Some dos and don'ts to help you deal your children after their child dies.

For the Siblings
provides some information on helping the siblings cope with a child's death

Loss of a Baby
for information on dealing with the grief associated with a child's death

provides information about SIDS and dealing with it in Australia. Includes steps to reducing the risk of SIDS to your child.

Loss of a Young Child
is a series of articles about the ongoing grief after your child dies

Loss of an Adult or Teen Child
is a series of articles about the ongoing grief after your older child dies

International Support
A list of support groups and sites from around the world.

Legal Practicalities

What to do when someone dies
gives basic explanations of things like death certificates, wills and organising funerals.

Dying is no laughing matter - especially if you do it without a will. As today's complicated family arrangements proliferate, it is becoming more important to ensure you have a legal will that clearly stipulates how your estate will be divided. Learn more about wills and power of attorney from Financial Services Online.

provides information sheets about finances and other issues after someone dies.

Wills and estates
covers how to make a will and why it is important, as well as explaining power of attorney.
(source: Law Institute of Victoria)

Wills and deceased Estates
explains some of the basics about making and implementing a will.
(source: Public Trustee, Qld)

The surviving spouse may be entitled to bereavement assistance by Centrelink.

The Planning ahead kit
provides information about how you can plan to have someone make decisions for you in case you are incapacitated. (source: Dept of Ageing, disability and home care.)

Funeral Practicalities

Nobody wants to be in the position of planning a funeral, but when it becomes necessary there are many details to consider.

Funeral Information Australia
covers what you need to know after a death as well as listing funeral directors and celebrants across Australia.

Australian Funeral Director's Association
will help you find a funeral director in your area. It also gives information about funerals and grief.

Some Things I might not have told you but you might like to know
was designed so that you can tell your family what it is that you are proud of achieving in your lifetime. It can give your children and grandchildren a way to remember you and even help with eulogies.


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