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Parenting is a tough but rewarding job that we don't get much training for before we start it. The following articles and resources are aimed at making parenting just a bit easier...

Australian Breastfeeding Association

ARTICLE BANK: Saving time for parents
lists some tips for saving time when dealing with children and babies.

Parent Support Online
is an information rich site that really understands how tough parenthood can be. It covers issues about relationships, childhood stages, PND, single parenthood and community support. Mums, Dads and couples are covered here - we think it's great!

Baby Shopper
helps you know not just what to buy, but what not to buy for a baby - and how to decide for your family

Bullying ~ Everybody's Business
contains information about bullying for children, parents and schools, as well as a positive competition.

source: The Kids Helpline)

Busy Mothers
Home to The Busy Mothers' Companion a resource designed to help parents manage their time more effectively so they can spend quality time with their families.

Australian Baby Card
is a card which recognises how expensive it is to bring up a baby.  To assist, we have listed discounts and offers for many products and services specifically for parents of children from birth through to 5 years of age.

Chemical Awareness is Schools
is a national community forum on toxic chemicals and children's health in Australia.

Child Abuse and Neglect Links
covers a range of information about the mistreatment of children, including research results and general information.
(source :The Kids Helpline) Includes Tips for kids (about child abuse)

Going It Alone
provides support and information for single Mothers without judging these women or advocating single parenthood.

Health Channel
has articles on specific aspects of parenting, such as divorce, empty nest syndrome and parenting stresses

Helping your child learn responsible behaviour
(source: parenthood.com)

The Kids Help Line Infosheets
cover a range of topics about caring for children and meeting their needs. The sheets are free to read or print.

Child development milestones are described at many sites, as categorised at All Kids

Family Support
details many resources available for parents in Victoria, ranging from counselling options and maternal child health care centres to childcare and kindergarten issues
(source: dept of Human Services, Victoria)

Pinky McKay
From unborn child to grown child, My Child tackles the reality of caring for your child , as well as the reality of being a child

Some parenting resources for non-traditional families are listed at All Kids - many of these are British sites.

Young Media Australia
provides up-to-date information for parents, caregivers, professionals and researchers on children and the media.

Some Things I might not have told you but you might like to know
was designed so that you can tell your family what it is that you are proud of achieving in your lifetime. Filling in this book is a great way for your children to learn about their parents as people.

Giving more than toys
shows how gifts to children don't have to be tangible, and how experiences can be so much more rewarding for child and giver.

Family Assistance Office
The Family Assistance Office giving families greater choice about Commonwealth Government payments for children and integrated family assistance.

Putting Family First produces "It wasn't me ~ Children Lying"

Child and Youth Health has information for children about lying and associated feelings

Bed Wetting
Parentlink has an article on bed wetting in primary school children

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
SIDS Western Australia
exists to provide bereavement support, education and funds for medical research.

SIDS and Kids
contains SIDS information and publications on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) for researchers, health professionals, parents, school teachers and children.

Children learning about Death
What happens when you die

this book designed to explain death and funerals to primary aged children. It is a non-denominational and honest way to deal with the issue for children.

Community Infonet - Queensland Department of Families, Youth and Community Care provides the latest information on Adoptions, Child care, Child protection, community care and youth justice and lots more.

Child Care
Tips on child care types in Australia, choosing a child care arrangement and settling a child into care are also provided to ease this important transition.

Family Assistance Office
has information about the Child Care Benefit scheme that gives financial aid to parents putting children into care.

Family Day Care (Victoria) Inc
explains how Family Day Care works, as well as giving specific program details for Victorians


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