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Parenting is a tough but rewarding job that we don't get much training for before we start it. The following articles and resources are aimed at making parenting just a bit easier...

ARTICLE BANK: Children and Books

Learning to read is an important step for every child, and one that makes it possible for them to actively contribute as adults. Very young children are often found playing with books, but some school children... read more.

Treatment for Head Lice

Lice are insects that live on human scalps. They don’t cause disease or illness, but they do bite and make the head itchy.

In the past, having head lice was a shameful thing and treatments were severe, such as shaving the head or washing ... read more.

Head Lice Facts

Head Lice are insects that live on human hair and feed on scalp skin.

Lice are very common across Australia at the moment and are no longer seen as a shameful thing to catch. Here are some facts about lice to help families... read more

Choosing a child care centre

For some parents, choosing to put a child into care is a tough one, others take it as expected, and many fit in between the two. Once that decisions is made in favour of a child care centre, how can you choose which centre to use?

Unfortunately, in some areas there is little choice either because there are few centres or because ... read more.

ARTICLE BANK: Mothering and Work ~ Looking at the Family and Work Decision study

Our vision of work and family life is changing rapidly, with little published data to provide us with an understanding of real life experiences.

Recognising this lack of empirical research, the Australian Institute of Family Studies recently investigated attitudes held by mothers towards money and paid work. This is a summary of some of their key findings... read more

ARTICLE BANK: Why Take Time Out

Being a Mum is a busy occupation, whether you mix it with business or not. It is very easy for Mums to run around after everyone else day after day, unless they consciously decide to look after themselves, too.  Read full article

ARTICLE BANK: 30 Quick Breaks

In our busy lives, it is easy to get distracted and forget to take time for ourselves. There’s always one more phone call or email to make or ‘not much longer’ to finish something off.

Trying to fit in a half day of fun may seem impossible, but a number of short breaks throughout the day and week will keep you refreshed. And make life more enjoyable, too! Read full article.

ARTICLE BANK: Ways to help with homework

Homework is a chance for children to do some work that will enhance what they do in school. There is no point in homework if parents or older siblings do the work for them. Yet, if you can help your children with their homework, you show that you care about them and their education ... read more.

Schooling choices for a child with a disability

Choosing a school for a child with a disability takes careful planning. The school you select should offer support programs that suit your child's needs. Some specialist schools may only enrol... read more

ARTICLE BANK: Mums getting exercise

Once you have children, fitting in a quick trip to the gym or an evening stroll becomes more difficult. Regardless of your motivation to exercise, you have to work it in around the needs of your children as well... read more.

Parenting and disabilities

Children with disabilities benefit from everyday activities (source: Disability Online)

Disability - support for families  (source: Disability Online)  

Support for parents with a child with disabilities  (source: Disability Online)



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