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Safety House

Safety House Australia Inc. was established in 1993 as a non-profit coordinating organisation of the autonomous Safety House associations operating in each state and territory.


It is managed by a Board of Management comprised of delegates from each member association. The Board meets by teleconference four times a year and face to face every second year. Safety House Australia Inc. holds a Biannual National Conference which all delegates and interested parties are invited to attend.


How the Safety House Program Works

The occupants of a private residence, or the staff of a commercial establishment or institution, apply for membership in the relevant state/territory association. Applicants are required to meet entry criteria including a police records and community check.


Once the residents or employees are accepted as suitable, the Safety House sign is issued. Local committees undertake regular monitoring in their areas to ensure Safety House signs remain clearly visible and to maintain checks on the occupancy of the premises.


The Philosophy of the Safety House Program

The Safety House program asserts the birthright of every individual to live safely and securely.

By increasing personal and community safety, the program assists the confidence under which individuals grow, work and relate best to each other.

Safety House and itís association with kindred organisations is a part of the structure whereby democratic communities operate effectively through consent and cooperation.



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