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Real Mums

www.realmums.com.au has been described as a “safe haven for Mums”. It is a new and unique site that explores what it means to be a real Mum in Australia today, celebrating the fact that Mums are not “just” Mums, but are women in their own right. It allows for the open discussion of the realities of parenting, providing support for Mums and whatever else you do aside from Mumming.

It provides you with:

  • Mummy’s Little Helpers: real articles, recipes and tips for stay at home mums, working mums, business mums and every other Mum in between.
  • Retell Therapy – rant, rave and rebel. Free, online discussion with other Mums, and the opportunity to say what you really feel, in a fun, supportive and welcoming environment, without fear of retribution!
  • Reality Parenting – secrets, sanity savers and stuff. Keep updated with what’s happening on the site, and in the outside world.
  • Retail Therapy – our online shop, which stocks ONLY stuff for Mums, from the useful and practical, to the fun and quirky. And everything in between.

realmums.com.au organises and hosts a number of Mum friendly events throughout the year, provides a list of useful and credible support services nationally, and hosts a directory with a whole heap of on and offline resources just for Mums.

If that isn’t enough, you have the opportunity to laugh, cry and relate with Diary of a Mad Cow, the day to day dealings, diasters, dilemmas and other goings on of a work at home mum of two boys and one stay at home dad. You'll feel very normal after reading her this.

realmums.com.au is the only parent support website that focuses on the Mum. It’s for Mums by Mums. Whatever sort of Mum you are, you are a Real Mum.


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