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Parent Support Online

We learn skills to work a trade, do a craft or drive a car and even the most basic items come with an instruction book. Yet to do the most important thing in the world - parenting - we are given very little guidance, education or support.

This site hopes to provide you with lots of information, tools and encouragement for the most exciting, rewarding (and sometimes most stressful!) journey of your life.

If you're finding parenting a breeze, then this might not be a useful resource for you, but if you're finding it more challenging than you imagined, then...welcome!

Parent Support is needed

Parenthood can be an exciting, exhausting, stressful, and wonderfully satisfying journey. Parents are generally more than happy to share their experiences of the good times. Less often they are willing to share their experiences of the not-so-good ones. This can mean that some of us go into parenthood with unrealistic expectations.

When our expectations are not met, we think there is something wrong with US, because everybody else seems to be having a wonderful time, or at least they know what to do about it. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

Us parents have struggled with many issues that caught us unaware, including confusion around our changing roles, trying to nurture ourselves so that we have enough good stuff left over to give away, negotiating conflicts with our partners that only arrive after you have babies, and last but most definitely not least, making the most out of our relationships with our children.

Parent Support was conceived to help bridge the gap between expectation and reality...


Parent Support Online

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