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Moment by Moment

Moment by Moment was born out of one woman's experience.

"My life change when my daughter was born at 27weeks + 5 days gestation in January 2006 -  that is, 12 weeks and 2 days before her estimated due date. I was diagnosed with Pre Eclampsia ( PE is high blood pressure (hypertension), leakage of protein into the urine (proteinuria), thinning of the blood (coagulopathy), liver dysfunction and HELLP Syndrome).

Airlie was born weighting 861grams or 1lb 14ozs she was 35.5cm long or 14 inches and her head was 25.3cm; she was the size of a Mount Franklin 600ml water bottle.

It was a huge struggle to find clothing and nappies for Airlie to wear, dummies to suck and books for me to read. I don’t know how many times I was told by sales assistants “it’s not worth our while stocking that sort of stuff”, while I stood in front of them with my tiny baby girl. I was heart broken and then the idea started to grow.

It has taken some time and courage to build this business but I do it with pure joy and passion. To help others is my main aim. I do want it to be a profitable business, but most of all I want to make all the Mums and Dads smile.

My site offers clothing for premature babies from 800gms, nappies, accessories, keepsakes and books ~ with more product lines being added. A forum and journal area for members to share and discuss their journey, concerns and triumphs, and find support and information. I will also offer some very special ranges for angel babies too.

Some of your closest friends and family will not know how to handle such an event, so I believe it is very important to be there for fellow premature parents."