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Alternative Baby

Alternative Baby is an Australian community dedicated to providing information about Attachment Parenting and other alternative, instinctive and natural parenting philosophies.

We aim to provide articles, support, discussions and links to like-minded sites and support groups. We support breastfeeding, extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping and other gentle sleep methods. Baby wearing, gentle birth, gentle discipline, natural healing, cloth nappies, informed vaccination choices and any other practises which involve bonding with your child and responding appropriately to their needs.

Alternative Baby was set up in August 2002 and has grown steadily over the last three years to include a membership of almost 1000 members. Initially a chat site only, it now includes articles, live chat and a Small Business Directory. Our vision for the future is to expand AB into other avenues, including an advertiser and subscriber supported online magazine, an online shop showcasing the talents of our very clever & creative members and to further promote the Small Business WAHM (Work at Home Mum) directory. One of our aims is to provide support & exposure to WAHM’s (& dads) enabling them to stay home with their children, AND have a fulfilling & productive career.

The Alternative Baby forums are a wonderful place for parents practising Attachment Parenting and similar parenting styles to meet and connect with like minded others. Many comments have been made by our members about the friendly supportive atmosphere on AB. Many online friendships have blossomed into real life friendships and AB has been the starting point for real life parenting groups all over Australia.

Alternative Baby Website aims to provide a dual purpose; providing much needed support and advice to parents already practising AP and similar philosophies, and to welcome newcomers and provide information in a non judgemental, open minded environment. Alternative Baby welcomes all parents & parents to be who are interested in exploring new ideas and parenting in a nurturing & emotionally responsive manner.


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