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Maths Power

Why is Maths POWER Australia’s Leading Maths Program, Australia’s Most Endorsed Maths Program, Australia’s Most effective program, Australia’s most referred program and Australia’s most affordable maths program?

Because your child will do WELL using Maths POWER!

There’s a Lifetime Guarantee on it!

When you enrol your Child with Maths POWER, your child will start to smile about Mathematics within weeks!!!

Students simply use their Maths POWER for 10-15 minutes for primary kids or 20-25 minutes for high school, just 2-3 times/week.

They do the on-screen lesson/tutorial for approximately 5-8 minutes. Here, they are one-on-one with the teacher explaining every step of the way. If they are ever unsure about anything, they can simply PAUSE and REWIND THE TEACHER!

As well as the interactivity on the computer, students also complete a worksheet providing exercises and activities, covering work that could never be learned using the keyboard and mouse-such as measuring objects around the home, creating angles, using a protractor, compass, etc. This also ensures that the student learns the correct setting out and working out process (and learns to do it on their own) that is needed during their schooling in exams.

The results are then submitted into the computer. If 90% or more is not achieved, kids can view the tutorial again. If after this, they still need help, they have access to their phone tutor (1300 number)! With the added bonus of skills games, certificates, reports for parents, primary rewards and gifts, motivation and the fun-factor is also kept at a high.

As you can see, Maths POWER has been created to be the ultimate maths learning tool so that every child will succeed...and if, for some reason, after all that, they don't gain any benefit or improvement, you get a full refund!

It really is as simple as that!

Don’t forget to look in our sale section for some great products – some with over 30% off.

Maths Power ~ the ultimate maths learning tool