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Boxy Design

Sick of struggling to find the perfect lunch box?

Tired of kids using a mixture of bags to carry things to and from school or Kinder?

The Mums at Boxy Design had enough of these hassles so they deigned a One Stop Gear Carrying System for Kids.

The products are all designed to be easy to

  • Use
  • Clean
  • Pack
  • Unpack
  • Carry

The system is also durable and helps everyone do their bit for the environment. Who could ask for more?

The One Stop Gear Carrying System for Kids includes a back pack, lunch box, freezer gel pack and a drink bottle – all the essentials for a day at kinder or school.

Some of the specialised features are:


  • insulated side opening compartment to hold a lunch box

  • separate section to keep books and folders straight

  • Insulated compartment and jumper/pencil case compartment can be opened into one large area for weekend sleepovers

Lunch box

  • airtight container so there’s no need to wrap food separately

  •  includes small liquid-proof containers for yogurt, tinned fruit or sultanas

  • can hold two rounds of sandwiches or a roll

  • separate area for apple, orange or banana

Freezer gel pack

  • the safe, easy way to keep lunches cold on hot and warm days

Drink bottle

  • children can drink without having to open the bottle with their teeth

  • easy flow opening for cleaning and drinking from

Each item of the One Stop Gear Carrying System for Kids can be bought separately, but with the system working so well as one, why wouldn’t you buy the complete system today?


Editor's comment: Now this is a practical invention! We love the separate section for papers and folders, and a lunch box that doesn't also need food wraps is great for the environment!

Boxy Design

Boxy Design