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Put It In Writing!

Obviously, no one can remember everything and despite the best of intentions, relying completely on memory is a sure way to forget some obligations. Fortunes are lost and problems caused when agreements reached are not reduced to writing. Putting an Agreement in writing not only makes good sense but can prevent costly oversights which often occur in verbal agreements.

 R.P.Emery & Associates, a legal publishing firm since 1990, has addressed this issue and released a software package of 101 Business contracts on CD-ROM. The legal software comprises contracts covering most transactions encountered in normal business situations as well as some of the more unusual dealings individuals would have.

The proper use of these contracts will allow businesses to save a considerable amount of time and money while still allowing them to comply with legal and governmental regulations. All contracts have been prepared by qualified and experienced solicitors and are legal and binding.

By purchasing the software businesses and individuals can have  a wide ranging selection of legal contracts “on hand”, which you can easily modify in your favourite word processor. You can reuse these contracts when ever required without incurring costly legal fees or needing time consuming meetings with solicitors.

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