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Welcome to the Save Time Online's computer help guide

Computers are a great tool in our modern lives, but they can also be great time wasters, especially when you are learning something new about computers. The following resources can help you get the job done faster so your computer really is your tool, not your master.


The internet is an incredibly powerful research tool for both you and your clients. A good understanding will save you time and help you use a great many powerful resources, and can be a lot of fun!

Internet for Beginners (source: about.com)

URL Universal Resource Locators, otherwise known as “web addresses” (like www.savetimeonline.com.au) are the names of things on the internet. There are rules about how these names are constructed, understanding these rules will help you guess the names of websites so is a very useful skill!


Internet Country Codes

Australian second level domains

Learnthenet - searching the internet

The internet has many parts. These include Email, Newsgroups, File Transfer, and Internet Relay Chat…

Howstuffworks - Email

Howstuffworks - Newsgroups

Webopedia - what is FTP

Webopedia - what is IRC

Howstuffworks - file-sharing

The precursor to the internet dates back to 1968 and was created as a military control network for the US. Email began in 1972, and in 1979 Newsgroups started. In 1983 DNS was created, allowing web sites to have names rather than numbers. In 1993 the internet as we know it began – “Browsing” and “Web Pages” were created giving the internet a graphical interface.

Internet Society - links to internet history articles

Historical Maps of the Internet


Search Engines – a giant list of web pages that you can search

www.google.com.au - Using Google - Basics
                                       - Using Google - Advanced Search




howstuffworks - how search engines work

Internet Magazines

Australian PC User Online
For a decade, Australian PC User has been Australia's premiere source of PC information for home and small business users. The magazine's commitment to 100% Australian, 100% relevant content, backed by the resources of ACP Tech, the country's largest and longest-running technology publisher, provides a unique resource for old hands and newbies alike.

Internet AU - Australia's Leading Internet magazine

Using Internet Explorer

Using Favourites

Using Print Preview

Using History

Virus protection
Protect your computer from spam, viruses, hackers and more. McAfee security products represent the first line of defence in personal computer protection. Don't let your valuable data be compromised. Click here and save AUD$10 on normal retail prices.

Anti Virus software is used by your computer to identify viruses on your computer before they can do any damage. There always new viruses being created (average 800 per month!) so you MUST update the definition files (that tell the Anti Virus programs how to find each type of virus and what to do…) if you are to be protected from viruses. Your care (not opening suspicious attachments etc) is also a very important defence.

Howstuffworks - how computer viruses work

Tucows - download antivirus software

A firewall is a security barrier between the internet and your computer network. The firewall is set up to only allow certain things through, preventing others from connecting to your computer(s). Firewalls can be Hardware (in a box –generally part of a router) or Software (a program that runs on your computer or a server in your network). Firewalls are especially useful if you have a permanent connection to the internet.

          Howstuffworks - How does a firewall work

          Download a software firewall from TUCOWS


E-mail Programs

Howstuffworks - email

Learnthenet.com - how email works

Learnthenet.com - email etiquette

Sending an attachment is like sending a package through the post. Make sure that your attachment is compressed – use a program like WinZip  or WinAce to reduce its size. Don’t send anything larger than 2MB.

Learnthenet - sending attachments

Normal email accounts have a mail server that is like the local post office that your messages go through to you. Web based email doesn’t send you messages rather it displays them as a web page. The greatest advantage of web based email is that you can usually get your messages from any computer.




Eudora has always been one of the best email clients, but until recently the full version was only available in paid formats. Now a free edition has been released, supported by advertising. Eudora offers every feature you could possibly need, including:

  • multiple mailboxes
  • multiple signatures
  • enhanced address book
  • file sharing
  • statistics
  • in-line editable signatures
  • dynamic HTML


If you have more than one email account, tracking all of them can be time consuming. ePromter takes care of the issue by checking up to eight AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and POP3 email accounts. The program includes:

 - a screensaver which shows the number of unread messages

  - a message read and message delete facility

  - auto-dial

Computer maintenance

Web Browser Helper


If banner ads and inter-stitials are driving you mad, get rid of them with Webwasher. You can select which ads or popup windows you want to appear, whether or not to display GIF images, and even exclude specific referrers. It can be a little daunting to set up, but works with most major browsers. 


If you need to switch between Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, this program allows you to change IE Favourites into Navigator Bookmarks, and vice versa. 

Computer Speed Helper


Windows - and other applications - can be rather greedy and selfish where memory allocation is concerned. They take huge chunks, and forget to give them back. 

Rambooster keeps their appetite under control. This frees up more RAM, so that programs don't have to rely on slower virtual memory. It also reduces the number of crashes and system lock ups - that alone must make it an essential desktop tool. 


Internet Information
html helpers

Email programs
Computer protection
Computer maintenance

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