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Welcome to the Save Time Online's Business Marketing Guide


Unless you tell customers you exist, your business can't grow. Save time finding out about marketing your business by seeing the best ones together here. 

"I have been captured by what I chased."
Marion Harper Jr On marketing organization that grew out of his advertising agency, Newsweek 30 Mar 64

Marketing Articles

Business of Valentines Day

Testimonials Learn what testimonials are and how to collect some for your business as they are a great marketing tool for promoting your business and products or services.

Using Testimonials effectively is a cheap and easy way to increase your sales rate. Find out how to make the most of any testimonials from satisfied customers.

Get messages read teaches you 24 ways to make sure your clients and subscribers read your emails and ezines - beat the filters and make your messages spread themselves.

Business card tips
Your business spent money on your business cards and wants them to be a useful business tool. Of course, the cards are useless unless you hand them out, so that is the most important aspect of using them! Here are some tips to making the most out of your cards when you are handing them out to various people.

Top 10 Ways To Add More Subscribers To Your List!

Marketing Explained gives a basic overview of this important topic (source: Word Constructions)

What is Networking puts a positive slant on this dreaded business tool  (source: Word Constructions)

How to create a brand that sticks Most people, when they hear the word branding, think logos - but in fact, branding is really much more than that. A brand involves blending the image, purpose, and focus of your business, with your core marketing message, and coming up with something which will stick in the minds of people who encounter it. Read more

Affiliate Retailers discusses issues to consider in setting up an affiliate program  (source: Word Constructions

7 ways to evaluate a marketing plan helps you to know whether their marketing tactics are working.

Easter and your business gives some marketing ideas for the Easter period  

How to save thousands on your marketing gives some marketing tactics to hone in your marketing efforts

Get Business Now - Play by the Marketing Rules (source: Marketingforsuccess.com)

MBAs - what are they good for? Find out in this informative article.

REVIEW: Instant Buzz 2.0 is a new, free advertising tool many people are interested in.

Acknowledging clients at Christmas
So, you’ve decided to acknowledge your clients this Christmas, but how?

E-BOOKS: Marketing

How to Start Your Own Traffic Virus will teach why you need a traffic virus, how to start one, and how to get it going through promoting it. Download it from us for free.

Building Thousands of Links to Your Website f
ree downloadable ebook by R Allis

33 days to online profits i
s a practical, step-by-step roadmap for internet success, no matter what product or service you sell…

LINKS: Marketing All links below will open in a new browser window.

Thank You Ads are a great way to get more exposure for your business and products, and it doesn't even cost you any money! Register now for free and watch your site traffic improve!

Do you want an effective website? 
Looking for strategies? Discover '200 marketing ideas for your website'.

Joint Venture Power Circle is the best marketing investment your business could make. World renowned marketing experts all contribute information and tools for members to use at will – and they regularly update them, too.

E-Marketing - Successful Internet Strategies from Debbie Mayo

is a leading Australian magazine, packed with real life examples: some actionable, some interesting and some just plain weird. Either way, they come from the cream of the marketing/advertising industry in Australia and worldwide covering direct mail, databases, TV, print, the internet, CRM (customer relationship management) and more.

The Instant Marketing Tool Box is a monthly marketing system to help promote your business and gain you more customers and profits. 

Optusnet Business Services Marketing Information

Values Segments show how different groups of people think and behave so that your marketing can be focused to the right clients. (source: Roy Morgan Research)

Australia's largest non-profit professional organization and an internationally recognised leader in tertiary education join forces to provide you with the APESMA MBA Distance Learning Program.  Discover your management potential - anytime, anywhere. 

eMarketing Association (eMA)

Marketing For Success

Eyesberg Enterprises
is committed to achieving positive results in on-line marketing. Our focus is on maximising your web presence and increasing your on-line yield.  

Get Linked from over 15,000 sites with one click.

Web Marketing Ezine

Instant Buzz
drives more traffic to your site every time you use the net - what could be simpler?



Marketing Articles
Marketing ebooks

Marketing Links

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