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Saving time in your business

No matter how many great ideas you have, how well you understand things that need to be done, how much you want to spend time doing other things, there is always only twenty-four hours on a day.

There are some ways to save time when working your business so as to make the most out of your working hours.

  • Set up filters in your email system. Then process emails in related groups, starting with high priority ones.
  • Block your time. Focus on one activity at a time to be more productive. Leave emails untouched and the phone on message bank until their allotted block.
  • Recognise your own work patterns and needs. Do important tasks when you work best.
  • Have a notebook handy and use it! By noting your ideas, they won’t clutter your mind so that you can focus on the task to hand.
  • Reading is an important but easily forgotten tool in business – so timetable it. Reading can teach you many things, inspire you and provide variety to your working week.
  • Have regular clean outs. Make it easier to find what you need in a hurry and prevent the need for huge clean ups.
  • Make use of reminder services or an old fashioned alarm clock. Keep in touch with important tasks and will learn to work more efficiently.
  • Group activities away from your desk together. It takes up more time if you are up and down to your desk all week.
  • For repetitive tasks, try to do them in bulk. And do them in low performance times if possible.
  • Make use of other services whenever possible. Get supplies delivered, bank online, get postage paid envelopes or a franking machine, use an accounting package and outsource work to others (accountants, web designers, writers, virtual assistants, marketers and so forth.)
  • Know your tools so they can be used efficiently.
  • Use information sites, directories and bookmarks to make internet usage time effective.
  • Establish systems and use them. Simple things like price lists and form letters are time savers.

By saving yourself minutes here and there, you can become much more efficient and productive.

What is just as important as saving time is making use of your time for more than work. By taking the time away from work to be with family and friends, to do sport and other activities, you will be able to approach your work with more enthusiasm.


Tash Hughes is the owner of Word Constructions and assists businesses in preparing all written documentation and web site content. Tash also writes technical and business articles for inclusion in newsletter and web sites.

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