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Postage and Packing

Whether you are sending products to customer of an online store, documents to an interstate office, tenders to a potential client, invoices and statements or any number of other articles, you want to be sure that your packages get to the right pace at the right time in the right condition.

For non electronic sending, you can use the general mail, express mail or a courier, or some variation of these. Which is the best choice will depend on factors such as

  • how quickly it has to get somewhere (a courier is usually the fastest option)
  • how fragile the item is (a specialised courier may be required, but general mail probably isn't the best choice)
  • whether you need proof of delivery (such through registered mail or a courier)
  • whether the destination is accessible
  • the size or nature of the items
  • cost - it may not make much difference to your profits if you one letter costs $1 instead of $0.50 but it will soon add up if you are sending many letters.

General Mail Information

Number one listing has to be Australia Post. From packaging, postage and bill paying - it is one of the most convenient places to do many business transactions.

Australia Post
Mail costs calculations
and postcode searches

Registered Mail
Express Post
International Mail,
including information about customs

Article - How to save on posting costs in your business.


Need a courier? We suggest you look around at the different services information available online.

AirRoad Direct offer a new internet based Australia wide delivery system where all you need is a credit card to log on and arrange safe and fast pick up and delivery of your goods. No account, no hassles! The website also allows you to obtain quotes and track your delivery anytime.

Couriers Please
Fastway Couriers
Fasta Couriers
Ace Couriers
A Couriers

The other option for deliveries that are close or need a reply is to use a taxi. Simply get a taxi to come to your business and collect the item (s) and deliver them to a certain address. They can even get a signature and return to you. This can be a great time saver if the courier companies can't help you in the necessary time frames...


Packaging is an important aspect for all businesses. The impression you make depends on all areas of your business presentation - right down to how you email a CD, the presentation of a gift basket or box or simply the label you attach to the package. You will need a reliable packaging supplier and packaging that suits your product.

Packaging ideas include: wine bottle boxes or bags, craft boxes, cards, envelopes, labels, ribbons, bows, cardboard inserts, cardboard boxes, custom designed packaging, product packaging, tubes for rolled documents, bubble wrap sachets, protective films and tissue paper, box filling, sticky tape, packing tape, paper cutters, ribbon curlers - make a list of what you need for your packaging - and browse below to start looking for someone who sells it!

Kemp Agencies Wholesaler of Packaging, Stationery and Supplies including bags, cartons, boxes, bubble wrap, gift bags and more.
Total Paper and Packaging Supplies We supply our customers and the general public with quality party paper, catering and packaging products at wholesale prices.
Brown Paper Packaging is a wholesale supplier of an extensive range of paper and paper products for gift wrapping and packaging. Boxes, Bags, Ties, Stationery and Labels.
A & M Packaging
ABBE Melbourne -
Corrugated Cardboard packaging
Cardboard Box Company
Aspect Packaging Cardboard Cartons, Cases and Crates
Media Packaging
US Site - selling DVD cases, CD ROM slips, card disk mailers.

Some International web sites that sell packaging goods are listed below. Items they sell include gift boxes, cardboard packaging, bows, ribbons, labels, cardboard envelopes and other packaging materials.

Gift Box
Mr GiftWrap
R & D Packaging
Creative Gift Packaging


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