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Business Advertising
(Part 1)

Advertising is an important part of any business. Whether you advertise locally or nationally, it is important to understand the options available to promote your business. We have collected some resources to help you understand advertising your business.

The fundamental reason for advertising is to communicate information and/or ideas to people in order to change or reinforce an attitude. It is in changing people's ideas and perceptions that you can influence them to believe they need your product or service.

Some important things for you to know or consider before starting an advertising program are:

  • Determine who your customers are. The more details you have about them, the more effective your advertising.
  • Calculate your advertising budget and look for options within your budget.
  • Discover which media reaches your target audience.
  • Design advertisements that appeal to your audience.
  • Find a focus for your advertising and try to create a lasting impression - rather than a quick 'buzz'
  • Ask for extra exposure - e.g. negotiate for an extra week in print in exchange for providing a competition prize.

An advertising campaign sounds impressive and formidable, but it's really very simple. Instead of randomly promoting your business, you set up a program or campaign of advertising. That way, all the ads work in with each other and will have a cumulative effect.

You plan the campaign around your budget and business needs, so it is no scarier than placing one ad in a local paper.

Here are ideas to spice up an advertising campaign, whilst keeping everything tied together as a branding exercise.

Taglines and Jingles

Taglines are important for small businesses where the business name does not directly imply what the business is about Also known as slogans, a tagline should enhance your business services or products.

A tagline can be a statement about what you do, who you are or what you offer.

Article from
Hot Chilli about how an effective tagline can help promote your business.
Be inspired by this little quiz... 
Famous Advertising Slogans

What Brand Are You? A 'fun' tool for business names ideas. Created initially as a bit of a joke - this web site has resulted in some firms changing their business names to creating a new business identity.


Always an excellent way to bring in new clients and also to promote the winner as extra media exposure.

USP (Unique selling point)

ARTICLE: USP stands for Unique Selling Point and is an extremely important piece of information for business owners.

ARTICLE: Finding your USP
Having and using the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your business is a great marketing tool. But how do you know what your USP actually is? Read more...

ARTICLE: Making Use of your USP
Every successful business has a Unique Selling Point (USP) or else they would just be lost in the crowd. A USP is what differentiates your business from other businesses doing the same or similar things to yours. It takes time and effort to determine what your USP is, but it wonít help unless you make use of it. Read more...

Advertising on a Budget

Advertising budget? What's that?

Newbies to business, sole traders and those who work from home may need to generate revenue before they can afford to advertise. We have collected some low budget ways to get your business 'out there'.

Some ideas cost next to nothing...

Noticeboards at shopping centres
School newsletters
Community newsletter advertising
Introduction letter with small gift attached
Hand made cards with handwritten note attached
Car Advertising - stickers, magnets, signs
Thank you notes for existing clients
Discounts for returning customers
Refer a Friend programs
Letter box drops

Classified Ads can get you some additional exposure for the online market.

New developments in advertising

Digital Business Cards

Send your entire web site or catalogue on a miniature CD-Rom.

Check out
Media Movers for some ideas on how you can present your information in various formats.
Jam Directions offers advanced advertising and marketing solutions.
Tech Media provide the hardware and software for businesses to create their own digital media content.

You could also burn your own CD-Roms and create your own packaging and present a virtual business card to your clients.

E-mail Signatures

Each time you send an email to someone, it can be working for you. By adding business and contact details at the end of every email you send, you are telling people what you do. Even if you are sending emails to friends, add your signature as you donít know who they know and might pass the email onto.

A sample e-mail signature might look like this:

Tash Hughes
Save Time Online
123 Abc Street
Alphabet, VIC, 3000
admin@ save time online.com.au

Tri-fold Business Cards

A new style of business card is the tri-fold or A-frame business card. These are similar in size to a normal business card - but can be opened up and provide more space for you to add special offers, company information and more. You can also have the business card as a tear off - so they can remove the excess pages and just keep the business card details.

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