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Valentines Cocktails

Add a bit more fun to your Valentine’s Celebrations with some aptly named cocktails to set the mood. In a restaurant or at home, these drinks will start you on a day or night to remember!

Love Juice

Body Heat


 30ml Irish Cream

 30ml Banana Liqueur


1ml White Rum

15ml Galliano


30ml Crème de Menthe

15ml Coconut Liqueur


2 scoops of Ice cream

30ml Orange Juice


Milk (to top up)

30ml Pineapple Juice


 Blend together. Pour and add ice.

Dash of Grenadine



 Blend all ingredients except Grenadine.


Pour into a glass and drizzle Grenadine on top.




Adam and Eve

Love Cocktail

 30ml Vodka

2oz Gin

15 ml Sour Apple Pucker

1 egg white


Splash of Cranberry Juice

½ tsp Lemon Juice


 Shake together with ice. Serve.

½ tsp Raspberry Juice



 Shake with ice and Serve.




Between the Sheets

Love Birds


30ml White Rum

44ml Vodka


15ml Brandy

15ml Grenadine


15ml Cointreau

2oz Lemon Juice


30ml Lemon Juice

Dash Dark Rum


Shake with plenty of ice and serve!

 Blend with ice. Garnish with a cherry.




Hanky Panky



30ml White Rum

30ml Irish Cream


15ml Galliano

30ml Cointreau


Dash Grenadine

 Pour into an ice filled glass.


30ml Lemon Juice

Add garnish of strawberry and cherries in the glass.


60ml Pineapple juice



 Blend with two scoops of ice until smooth. Serve.




Original Sin

Kiss In the Dark  

45ml mango Liqueur

22ml Gin  

15ml Ashanti Gold

22ml Cherry brandy  

60ml Cream

22ml Dry vermouth  

 Mix vigorously in a shaker with ice.

Shake with ice. Serve.  

Pour into a glass and sprinkle with nutmeg.



Tash Hughes is a Mum of two in Melbourne. She is also a writer and owner of Word Constructions. Tash is available to write articles and profiles for any business, as well as doing other business documentation projects. You can see her site and services at www.wordconstructions.com




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