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Five Easy Ways to Save Money on Children's Parties

Every parent wants their child’s birthday party to be fabulous, but sometimes the costs involved with planning the perfect party can seem overwhelming.

Here are five easy ways to save money on party supplies for your child’s birthday party, and still throw the best party ever.

1. Use coloured party supplies to enhance printed partyware.

Party supplies printed with designs featuring your child’s favourite character, or scene, are one of the easiest ways of introducing a theme for your child’s party. However, purchasing the full range of printed goods for each child can be expensive.

With a clever combination of printed items and more affordable, solid coloured party goods, it is possible to capture the full effect of the party theme without breaking the bank.

When choosing which printed goods to purchase consider which are the most disposable, for example plates and napkins. The printed designs on such items will generally be covered with food during the party, so coloured items can easily be substituted.

Party Tip: Large items such as table covers and balloons, along with those your guests will take home such as loot bags and party hats, will have the most impact in your chosen printed design. While solid colour cups, plates and napkins, in a co-ordinating  colour, will save you money without detracting from your party theme.

2. Purchase packs when they are available.

Many party supply retailers offer party packs for sale. These packs may be bundles of two or three products, or they may include everything you need for your party. Regardless of the inclusions, these packs will generally offer you a substantial saving on purchasing the items individually.

Before purchasing a pack, research the prices of the individual items. Some retailers may make it seem like they are offering you a discount by offering a pack, but are instead charging you the same price, or more, than you would pay if you purchased the items individually.

Party Tip: To ensure you are making a saving, consider whether the pack includes products you were not already looking to purchase. If this is the case, buying a pack may mean that you are paying for a number of items you may not use.

3. Balloons, the perennial party favourite.

No other decoration says “party” like balloons.

Helium filled balloons are one of the quickest, and most versatile, methods of creating a party atmosphere. You can tie them to you letterbox as a party landmark for guests, attach a bunch to a metallic balloon weight for a great party centerpiece or let them float to the ceiling to provide a fabulous cascade of ribbons and colour.

The most affordable way to incorporate helium balloons into your party décor is to hire a Do It Yourself Helium Balloon Kit. These kits offer a substantial saving on purchasing inflated helium balloons, and most party retailers will have them available for you to rent. The kits are easy to use, and the retailer will show you the correct way to inflate the balloon when you pick up your kit.

Party Tip: Shop around. When it comes to helium balloons and do it yourself kits, prices can vary greatly between retailers. Choose a retailer that is in a convenient location for you, because you will have to pick up the helium kit before your party, and return the empty helium tank once your party is over.

4. Check the items you have at home.

You may be surprised at the items you have around the home that can be used to decorate your child’s party.

A great place to begin your search is your Christmas decorations box. Plain coloured baubles, tinsel and fairy lights can be strung around doors and windows indoors, and through trees and shrubs outdoors for a magical, festive atmosphere.

Your childs toys also make great party decorations. Place a group of large toys of a similar colour or theme in an attractive display in a corner of your party room, or arrange smaller toys on the party table as a centrepiece.

Many household items can double as party decorations, especially for theme parties. Beach towels, pool inflatables and fishing nets are wonderful for seaside or underwater parties, while flowers, glitter and mosquito nets can be combined to create beautiful dells for fairy parties.

Party Tip: Look through the items you have at home before you purchase party decorations.

Purchase inexpensive items to co-ordinate with what you already have rather than paying for items you may not need.

5. Look for craft projects you can make yourself.

Often the easiest way to save money on your party is to find great projects you can make yourself. Pinatas, placemats, garlands and colouring-in pages are all wonderful party crafts, they are easy and inexpensive to make and can be used to decorate, or entertain guests during your party.

The internet offers a wide variety of freely available craft projects and patterns, and you can even search for projects that are tailored to match your party theme.

Craft projects are also a great way to involve your child in the preparations for their party. Not only will they enjoy making the items with you, but they will be delighted to see them used as part of their special day.

Party Tip: You will be very busy in the lead up to your child’s party, so choose projects that have a big impact, but can be made quickly and easily.

Creating a fantastic party to celebrate your child’s birthday does not need to cost a fortune. Using everyday items, and your imagination, you can easily create affordable parties your child will remember for a lifetime.

About The Author:

Kate Winch is co-owner of Princess Lulu Events, an event and party business based in Sydney, Australia.

Princess Lulu Events offers a comprehensive range of event services for celebrations in Sydney,

including entertainers, amusements, catering and co-ordination for children’s parties.

Their website is also home to the Princess Lulu Online Party Supplies Shop offering a wide range of party products for all occasions, available for delivery Australia-wide.

To find out more about Princess Lulu Events, and to receive your

Free Party Planner and Checklist, visit their website www.princessluluevents.com



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