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© Copyright 2004

Romance Arrows

By Tash Hughes of Word Constructions

February 14. St Valentine’s Day. The Day of Lovers.

You either love it or hate it, but it’s here to stay whatever you think of it!

Apart from the obvious commercialism of the day, it can be a great opportunity to remind your loved one that s/he is loved and appreciated and to remind both of you why you are together in the first place.

The definition of romance actually refers to events, affairs and atmospheres that are remote from ordinary life and romantic is suggestive of or given to romance, imaginative, visionary, fantastic, unpractical*. Thus, to be romantic, all you really need to do is something out of the ordinary.

If you go out for dinner every night, it would be more romantic to cook at home; if you often buy each other presents, it would be romantic to make some for or with each other.

Other than giving each other a card and going out for dinner to a fancy restaurant, what can you do to celebrate your love for each other? Some ideas are listed below to get your creativity started.

    • Prepare a meal of your partner’s favourite foods – if you don’t like them or normally won’t make them, it is all the more special!
    • Make the effort to look nice for your partner – wear the shirt or dress that s/he loves seeing you in, rather than the one you love to wear.
    • Have a bath together with some essential oils or bath oils/salts etc. To make it really special, turn out the lights, burn some scented candles, play some quiet music and add a glass of wine or liquor.
    • Surprise your partner – it can be flowers sent to their house, taking them to an unknown destination, running a bath for him/her, organising a babysitter to take the kids, clean the house, anything out of the ordinary will do!
    • Visit the place were you met or had your first date 
    • Sit and watch the sun set or rise.
    • Sit outside or in a park with some wine and cheese or dips; just relax and enjoy each other’s company
    • Get the kids babysat or put them in front of a video for a little while at the beginning of the evening to have some adult time.
    • Go for a stroll along a beach or stream or through a park. Take the time to look around you and to talk to your partner.
    • Have lunch in a garden or a balcony restaurant – Valentine’s Day is a Saturday this year, so activities don’t have to be limited to night time…
    • Go for a drive for the day – see the mountains or the beach or some favourite township.
    • Get massages done simultaneously – in a salon or at home.
    • Make something special for your partner – frame a treasured photo, bake a cake, construct a table, paint a picture, mix some bath salts, make a cocktail, make a card, mould some chocolates or design a web page.
    • Create a book of special times together – add photos, words, poems, tickets, whatever you can think of to represent the events and then add comments like “I loved this day because you were so happy” or “you were so kind when…”
    • Wash your partner’s hair – take your time and massage their scalp, using nice shampoos and maybe some essential oils. It can be part of a romantic bath time or in a shower.
    • Use essential oils – add to a burner, massage oil, your pillow cases, in a bath or shower, scented candles or in an air spray. Popular oils for romance are ylang ylang, lavender, rose, neroli and cedar wood, but keep in mind they must be scents you both enjoy so avoid any your partner dislikes.
    • Have a weekend away and relax – take no laptops, palms, computers, etc with you. Kids are optional! It doesn’t have to be an expensive, posh hotel – a weekend camping or staying at a friend’s is a change and just as enjoyable if you need time away!
    • Give your partner a manicure or foot massage or such – either in person or via a voucher for a professional.
    • Wear something nice all day to make yourself feel special – be it lingerie, a favourite shirt, favourite perfume/after shave, nice jewellery or a good tie, as long as it feels good to you, wear it! The happier and more special you feel, the more you can pamper and treasure your partner, too.
    • Make sure your partner doesn’t cook for you if s/he normally does – you cook, or get take away or go out
    • If you both enjoy them, take the chance to play some games (don’t forget scruples and twister!) together
    • Watch a favourite or longed for movie together – maybe a movie you saw on an early date or when you were both teens. Perhaps you each show the other your favourite teen movie!
    • Write a poem or story for your partner, or find one that suits and write it out (acknowledging the author, of course!) Consider presenting it in a frame or on lovely paper.
    • Offer to spend the day doing whatever your partner loves doing, as long as it’s not something you detest. Maybe you can play golf or bike ride together, see a play, build something, go sailing or hiking, watch a sports match or walk around beautiful gardens, pull apart a motorbike or take a class together.
    • Talk to each other about why you love each other – tell stories or play “20 questions” about each other. Remember playing “truth or dare” at school?

* Quoted from the Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary.

© Tash Hughes 2004

Tash Hughes is a Mum of two in Melbourne. She is also a writer and owner of Word Constructions. Tash is available to write articles and profiles for any business, as well as doing other business documentation projects. You can see her site and services at www.wordconstructions.com


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