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Buying for a new home owner

Looking for a gift for someone in the process of buying a new home? Of course, you could go for the traditional house-warming gifts of plants or photo frames. However, you might want to give something different, or know that the person needs a gift earlier than their house-warming.

So here are some gift ideas:

  • Pay for their conveyancing, either directly or via a voucher. This is a very practical gift that involves you in the buying process.
  • Get keys cut for their house. Many people like to change the locks in their new home for security so they may need more keys cut - or you could pay for the locksmith.
  • Hire a truck/van, packing cases or a removalist team to help them move in as this is often a difficult expense after buying a house.
  • Clean the house for them to move into - or their old home once they've emptied it. If cleaning isn't your thing, consider paying a professional!
  • Help them sort through their belongings and get rid of whatever in no longer needed. You may even drop it at the tip or hire a skip for them.
  • Buy or make curtains to suit the new home - or get the curtain rails! Hanging curtains will make their new house a home quicker than pinning up some sheets!


Tash Hughes is a Mum of two in Melbourne. She is also a writer and owner of Word Constructions. Tash is available to write articles and profiles for any business, as well as doing other business documentation projects. You can see her site and services at www.wordconstructions.com.au




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