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Marketing Explained
by Tash Hughes of Word Constructions

Some people are very good at marketing and find it easy to do, but that doesn’t stop the rest of us being able to do our own marketing as well. And you may be surprised to know you have marketing experience yourself.

Think of your favourite sport and team; have you ever tried telling someone how and why it is so great? You thought of all the best features of the sport and spoke of them enthusiastically. Maybe you even convinced someone to give it a go?

Guess what? Yes, you were marketing that sport! And it wasn’t that hard, was it?

Of course, marketing yourself and your business is much harder. You are personally involved so rejection seems worse and you don’t want to be a show off by bragging.

Assuming you believe in your business and what it has to offer, you can make marketing a bit easier on yourself. Instead of thinking “please give me your money for this”, try “this product will help you”. If you believe that your product or service will be of use to the person, then offer it to them for their sake. Not only will this take the pressure off yourself, it will build genuine good will with the person you offer it to.

If marketing seems like a big ogre right now, don’t ignore it and hope it will go away. It won’t.

Instead, take small steps into the world of marketing and build it up. As you gain experience in both business and marketing, you will find more opportunities for marketing and may find it gets easier with time.

Each success you have in marketing can be used as the impetus to do some more marketing; resting on successful marketing attempts won’t keep more business coming through the door and the success will boost your esteem for the next market.

Tash Hughes is a Mum of two in Melbourne. She is also a professional writer and owner of Word Constructions. Tash is available to write articles and profiles for any business, as well as doing other business documentation projects. You can see her site and services at www.wordconstructions.com.au





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