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Saving little bits of water

There are many ways to save water, ranging from having short showers to using mulch on your garden. Yet it is sometimes the really little things you never think of that can add up and cut your water usage.

How many of these tips could you fit into your life today?

·         Pour left over water from glasses and kettles onto pot plants

·         Using cooking water (e.g. after steaming vegetables of boiling pasta) onto garden beds or your compost pile

·         Put underwear and socks in the bottom of the shower for a quick wash

·         Put the kids in the bath underneath you as you shower

·         Scrape dishes rather than rinse them

·         Keep a container under taps to catch any drips (especially if you live with someone who never fully turns off taps!) and use it for cooking or watering plants

·         Boil water rather than wait for hot water out of a tap for cooking

·         Wash potatoes and other foods in a bowl then throw the water out the garden, not down the sink

·         Don’t shave while the shower is running – turn it off while shaving and back on to rinse off, shave in a bath or use some method of dry shaving. Likewise if you leave conditioner in your hair for a while, turn off the shower until you rinse it out.

·         When rinsing out finished food bottles and jars, throw the water onto your compost or garden

·         Use the steam in the air in the bathroom to remove creases rather than ironing

·         Wipe off as much water as possible before you get out of the shower so it can be used as grey water instead of soaking a bath mat

·         Get a proper hose fitting so it doesn’t leak as much water as comes out the other end

·         Turn off water timers when it has/is going to rain

·         Use the smallest possible tea or coffee pot to suit the number of drinkers

·         Put a container under the drips from an air conditioner or water heater and use that water on the garden

·         Consider watering a lemon tree instead of flushing a toilet

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