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Collecting rainwater

Weíve always taken it for granted that farmers catch rain water in tanks and dams, but most Australians havenít used tanks in their homes. In fact, until recent years, many councils and laws actually prohibited urban water tanks.

So why the sudden interest in collecting rain water in our cities and towns? The easy answer is Ďbecause thereís a draughtí but there are advantages of collecting rain water even when there isnít a drought.

Some of the key reasons for collecting (or harvesting) rain water are:

  • Rain runs off the roof into pipes. Those pipes can lead into the storm water system which wasnít designed for so much water moving through it (they were designed long before our cities sprawled out so much.)

  • The water you collect and use on your vegetable garden hasnít had any additives or treatment, so your garden produce wonít contain extra fluoride or other added chemicals.

  • Collecting rain in tanks gives you the control of when you can water your own garden regardless of water restrictions.

  • You can save money on your water bill, especially if use the rain water for washing clothes and flushing the toilet for a large household.

  • By using less water from the taps, you are helping the environment in a number of ways:

    • Less water is needed so no new water reservoirs need to be constructed

    • Current water systems can cope and donít need to be enlarged or replaced

    • Less power and infrastructure is required to provide water to your home

  • The natural balance is better maintained as rain fall in a specific area is utilised in that area rather than transported elsewhere


Precious water is a Melbourne based company supplying rain water tanks that a re flexible enough to fit under your house or decking. That way, not only do you have enough water to care for your garden, but you don't lose any garden space to the tank. precious Water tanks are made to order to fit your requirements, so visit us at www.preciouswater.com.au and ask how we can help you conserve water today.






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