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The benefits of a garden

With draught affecting much of Australia, gardens become an important topic.

Watering gardens can be a significant use of household water and this is usually the first area of usage affected by water restrictions. As a draught progresses, you can see gardens withering away and becoming smaller as people try to protect precious plants and leave the others to themselves.

This raises the question of why we have gardens and try to maintain them even when there is little water to be had. When considering if it is worth finding a way to water your garden during water restrictions, consider the following benefits to having gardens…

·         Green is a restful, peaceful colour whereas brown is drab and boring. So having green gardens around us can bring us pleasure, reduce stress and provide some relief after a busy day

·         Maintaining a garden has many benefits including being out in the fresh air, feeling a connection with nature and being able to see tangible results for our labours.

·         Dead plants are depressing and uninviting, and are bad fung shui, whereas a thriving green garden is welcoming and relaxing.

·         Gardens are a natural environment for many organisms and will attract beautiful creatures such as butterflies and birds.

·         Green grass is softer and more resilient than brown grass which is better for children to play and fall on, picnics and for lying back to enjoy watching the cloud formations

·         Gardens form part of our entertaining areas where we get the opportunity to be outside with friends and family

·         By choosing the plants in your garden, you can also save money by growing herbs, fruit and vegetables, bringing in cut flowers and creating shade to protect your house from the summer sun

·         Maintaining the value of your property – look at the value of houses with a lovely garden compared to a similar property without a garden and you’ll quickly see the perception of a house is affected by it’s surrounding environment.


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