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Save Time Online

An easy to use showcase for Australian Internet users to find quality websites


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About Us

Save Time Online is a joint venture between two Aussie Mums. Both Ally and Tash have spent time searching the internet trying to find something, whether it be a product, service or information. We also know that finding Australian content isn't always easy.

Thus, we decided to put together some information and links to reputable sites to help other busy Aussies get what they need form the net quickly and easily.

Save Time Online Info

It started as a gift guide for Christmas 2003 - to help people find retailers online that they could trust, as well as giving people suggestions for different groups of people in their lives. The aim was to save you having to walk around shopping centres for hours!

Save Time Online is now much more than a gift guide, although that is still here to stay! We have information and links for people interested in business, education, parenting, careers, house, garden, books, creating web sites and health.

Save Time Online.com.au

The new look .com.au site is a showcase of Australian sites.

We only accept quality sites so that Australians using this as a resource can truly save time by avoiding irrelevant or undesirable sites.

For the businesses showcased, it also offers more targeted Australian traffic.

Tash Hughes Word Constructions

There are two major characteristics to Tash's life - she loves to deal with words and she loves helping people.

Word Constructions works on both of these traits by letting Tash help business people present themselves professionally through words.

Tash writes articles, web sites, letters, speeches, profiles, submissions, media releases, reviews, instructions, analytical reports and more. She always questions her clients so that she writes to their style and fulfils their needs.

Small projects and large, singly or as a package, Tash will undertake any writing task that you either find too hard or too time consuming to deal with yourself. Just email Tash and see how she can help your business.


Ally Lamont

Ally began her business to allow small business and web site owners access to quality web graphics at an affordable price. She is a huge chocolate fan and loves her computer!!

Web Graphics by Email sends custom designed web graphics, as jpegs or gifs, straight to your email address.

Ally has enjoyed the challenge and variety of preparing the graphics and that make Save Time Online visually effective.







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